Month: July 2015

Volunteering And Idealism

Several years ago I was walking through the student union at the University of Illinois-Urbana in December of my senior year thinking about law school, which I’d be entering the next fall. My course was set, at least for three more years, so I needn’t be worried about my future for a while longer. Then

Tending To Your Preeminent Stakeholder

This article originally appeared at another Doug Eadie & Company Blog: One of the breakout groups at a board-CEO/GM retreat I recently facilitated had a great time going through what I call the “stakeholder relationship maintenance” exercise. The six breakout group participants, who were led by the chair of the board’s external/stakeholder relations committee, first

Character And CEO Leadership

  I was really pleased that two extraordinary CEOs serving on this blog’s CEO Advisory Committee – Jeff Finkle, President/CEO of the International Economic Development Council, and Michelle Mason, President & CEO of the Association Forum of Chicagoland – accepted our invitation to record a podcast for this blog on the impact of a CEO’s

You’ve Got To Hit The Buzzer

“This feels wrong in so many ways.  It feels reckless, careless and selfish.  Of course we’re supposed to wait until we’re sure before we buzz.  But the waiting leads to a pattern of not buzzing.”  I’m quoting from Seth Godin’s recent post at Seth’s Blog, “Buzzer Management.” Reflecting on his failure to make the high