Author: Doug Eadie

When Ownership Goes Awry On Your Board

The feeling of ownership is a powerful, positive force in organizations, especially at the board level. Ownership fuels commitment to such important governing “products” as an updated strategic plan, the annual operating plan and budget, and a new policy covering the contracting process. As all really board-savvy CEOs well know, when their board members feel

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

“I am a Berliner,” said President John F. Kennedy on June 26, 1963, speaking to an estimated 450,000 West Berliners from a platform erected on the steps of Rathaus Schoneberg, 22 months after East Germany had built the infamous wall aimed at preventing emigration to the West. “All free men, wherever they may live,” the

Caveat Emptor

As you know, the Latin expression “caveat emptor” means “Let the buyer beware.” This is certainly sound advice in the field of nonprofit governance, which, unfortunately abounds with what I call “fallacious golden rules” – untested and untrue gems of wisdom that are all too often authoritatively recommended to board members and CEOs. Seasoned, really

Two Board-Savvy Nonprofit CEOs Discuss The Board-CEO Partnership

I was delighted when Jeff Finkle, President & CEO of the International Economic Development Council, and Stuart Rogel, President & CEO of the Tampa Bay Partnership, accepted my invitation to record this podcast on the board-CEO partnership. These seasoned nonprofit leaders share practices that have helped them build close, positive, and productive working relationships with

Yes To Unifying Leadership – But A Caveat

In his column on the Op-Ed page of the November 25 New York Times, David Brooks describes the “unifying leader,” who is “skilled at the art of collaboration.”  According to Brooks, the unifying leader “sees himself as a stage setter, as a person who makes it possible for the creativity in his organization to play