Lost And – Miraculously – Found

As Larry Gallatin, a fellow former Peace Corps Volunteer, and I walked from his car to the Thai restaurant where we were meeting Tariku Belay for lunch on March 16 in Minneapolis, I was feeling a trifle apprehensive.  I’d last seen Tariku in 1967, when I said goodbye to him and the other Ethiopian student, Tesfa

There’s “Smart” And There’s “Smart”

Here’s a scenario that’s all too common.  The CEO of a nonprofit association takes a really well-conceived, handsomely presented strategy for launching the pilot test of a new member service to his board.  It’s a fine piece of work:  documenting the need, articulating the objectives, laying out the action steps involved in getting the new service launched, pinning

Bristol, VA Reaches Out Aggressively

I was privileged to serve as facilitator of a tremendously productive and thoroughly enjoyable “Strategic Work Session” that the Bristol, Virginia City Council and Manager held on January 28 and 29.  The Bristol leadership team acted on one of the key leadership principles in my and Virginia Jacko’s book The Blind Visionary – “Reach Out Aggressively” – by