Three-Book Nonprofit Leadership Set


Special Offer: Buy the three-book nonprofit leadership set including Leading Out-of-the- Box ChangeBuilding a Rock-Solid Partnership With Your Board, and Meeting the Governing Challenge together and receive a 25% discount. You’ll save more than $18 off the regular price. Use the Add to Cart button below to purchase all three books.



Drawing on Doug’s work with hundreds of nonprofit and public organizations, this three-book set offers a practical course in organizing and empowering a supportive governing board that will work closely with you to assure your organization’s long-term success.

These short volumes (replete with real-life cases) provide the practical nuts-and-bolts guidance you need to:

  • Build your board’s capacity to make tough strategic and operational decisions through a more clearly defined governing mission and streamlined structure;
  • Create a CEO-board partnership that is positive, productive, and enduring—capable of surviving the inevitable stress and strain of these turbulent times; and
  • Lead the kind of out-of-the-box change that will turn your governing body into a strong advocate for, and owner of, important change initiatives—in the context of solid foundational values and a crystal-clear vision for the future.

Buy enough copies for all of your senior staff and board members.

Doug Eadie

President & CEO of Doug Eadie & Company, Inc., Doug Eadie assists superintendents in building rock-solid partnerships with their school boards.
Doug Eadie