The Board-Savvy CEO: Building a High-Impact Partnership With Your Board.
Leading Out-Of-the-Box Change: The Chief Executive’s Essential Guide to Achieving Nonprofit Innovation and Growth
Building a Rock-Solid Partnership With Your Board: A Real-Life, Practical Guidebook for Nonprofit and Public CEOs
Meeting the Governing Challenge: Applying the High-Impact Governing Model in Your Organization
Two-Book Nonprofit Leadership Set
Three-Book Nonprofit Leadership Set
The Blind Visionary: Practical Lessons for Meeting Challenges on the Way to a More Fulfilling Life and Career
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This powerful new addition to the nonprofit and public governance literature provides readers with detailed, practical guidance in building the kind of close, positive, and productive board-CEO partnership that is essential for organizational stability and growth.  The Board-Savvy CEO tells you how to strengthen your board's governing capacity, transform board members into satisfied owners of their governing work, and maintain a healthy board-CEO working relationship.

In his path-breaking new book, Leading Out-of-the-Box Change, Doug Eadie describes the leadership role of the chief executive officer as Innovator-in-Chief. He also lays out the key elements of the Change Investment Portfolio Process, a powerful new change planning tool to help you take command of high-velocity change. 

Drawing on his work with hundreds of nonprofit and public organizations, Doug Eadie describes how board-savvy CEOs effectively manage the human dimension of the board-CEO relationship. He goes right to the heart of the issue: CEOs can do a stellar job of managing the technical requirements of their jobs but may ultimately fail because the partnership with their boards unravels over human, interpersonal issues. Therefore, Doug writes, partnership-building must be at the top of the CEO’s list of high-stakes responsibilities.

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To the point and blissfully free of padding, Meeting the Governing Challenge describes the five key elements of Doug’s High-Impact Governing Model—a powerful tool for developing the kind of board leadership and board-CEO partnership that your organization needs to succeed in carrying out its mission. This practical resource provides you with the nuts-and-bolts guidance to transform your board, teaches a new way to approach decision making, and describes the role of the CEO as Chief Board Developer. 

Special Offer: Buy the three-book nonprofit leadership set including Leading Out-of-the- Box Change, Building a Rock-Solid Partnership With Your Board, and Meeting the Governing Challenge together and receive a 25% discount. You’ll save more than $18 off the regular price. Use the Add to Cart button below to purchase all three books.

by Doug Eadie and Virginia Jacko
With a Foreword by José Feliciano

Virginia Jacko was a successful executive at Purdue University when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. She would slowly go completely blind. As the darkness grew around her, Virginia found the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired—and a new mission in life. Virginia turned a potentially devastating condition into an opportunity, going from student to president and CEO of the Lighthouse in just four years. 

Virginia's odyssey shows you how to create greater personal and professional satisfaction in your own life. 

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Governing at the Top: Building a Board-Superintendent Strategic Governing Team

Doug Eadie’s Governing at the Top  is both a powerful addition to the K-12 governance literature and a practical guidebook for school board members, superintendents, and senior administrators.  Opening with a crystal-clear, eminently practical definition of the work of governing that goes well-beyond the outdated notion of “policy making,” this exciting new book then takes a close look at the key elements involved in building the kind of rock-solid board-superintendent governing partnership that these changing, challenging times demand.  According to Dr.

Extraordinary Board Leadership: The Keys to High-Impact Governing, Second Edition

The Second Edition of this popular favorite offers even stronger guidance on how to turn your board members into extraordinary leaders and to build a really solid board-CEO partnership. Learn how to take full advantage of your board’s tremendous governing potential by applying Doug’s High-Impact Governing Model. The practical guidance provided in this book is not abstract or theoretical; it has been thoroughly tested in real-life situations and can be put to immediate use in your nonprofit or public organization.

Changing by Design

Changing by Design is one of the few books you will find that tells leaders and managers of nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes how to take command of their own change in a turbulent, always challenging, and often threatening world. 

The Board-Savvy Superintendent

Coauthored with Paul Houston, former Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators, this book provides superintendents and senior administrators with detailed, practical guidance in developing the knowledge and skills required to build really close, positive, and productive partnerships with their school boards. 

Eight Keys to an Extraordinary Board-Superintendent Partnership

Eight Keys opens the door to meaningful school board involvement—in close partnership with the superintendent—in making strategic decisions for their districts, in monitoring district performance and in building relationships with key community stakeholders. 

Five Habits of High-Impact School Boards

This plainspoken, highly readable book is an indispensable resource for school board members, superintendents, and senior administrators who are committed to strong school board leadership and solid board-superintendent partnerships.