The Board-Savvy CEO: Building a High-Impact Partnership With Your Board.

"If you are deeply concerned about the leadership of nonprofit and public organizations of all shapes and sizes, you will want to add The Board-Savvy CEO to your reading — and rereading — list and keep it close at hand as a powerful leadership resource."


Robert E. Eckardt

Executive Vice President

The Cleveland Foundation


After taking a fresh look at the work of governing, which author Doug Eadie defines as making a never-ending stream of high-impact decisions and judgements, The Board-Savvy CEO explores in detail the three key roles of board-savvy CEOs:

  1. Taking the lead in developing the board's capacity to do the kind of high-impact governing work that makes a real difference in an organization's affairs.
  2. Helping the board to map out processes for actively engaging board members and transforming them into strong owners of their governing decisions and judgements.
  3. And working closely with the board to ensure that the board-CEO working realationship is healthy enough to withstand the inevitable pressures that every organization experiences in this rapidly changing world.       

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