Leading Out-Of-the-Box Change: The Chief Executive’s Essential Guide to Achieving Nonprofit Innovation and Growth

Leading Out-of-the-Box Change is a real-life guidebook, for real-life leaders who are facing real-life challenges — not just another one of those collections of fascinating but untested theories.
Christie A. Tarantino, CAE
President & CEO Association Forum of Chicagoland

Doug defines “out-of-the-box” change initiatives as opportunities to generate significant innovation while meeting challenges standing in the way of growth. Out-of–the-box change initiatives, he writes, involve a high level of technical and/or political complexity and demand a much larger claim on resources. Driven by your organization’s vision, these high-stakes initiatives require a distinct and separate track that operates outside the annual planning and budgeting process. This readable volume offers a valuable roadmap to putting in place the Change Investment Portfolio process within your organization and involving your board intensively from start to finish. 

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