Meeting the Governing Challenge: Applying the High-Impact Governing Model in Your Organization

"Up-to-date, to the point, powerful—a real winner!"
Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcD, FM, President & CEO, The Charlotte Regional Partnership

"...filled with experience-based counsel that my CEO colleagues and I can put to good use in working with our boards."
Virginia Jacko, President & CEO, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc.

"...must reading for any nonprofit or public leader who is committed to high-impact board leadership."
Paul Dugan, Superintendent, Washoe County Public School District

This indispensable guidebook for building a solid board-CEO partnership describes the five key elements of Doug Eadie's High-Impact Governing Model:

  • A board-savvy CEO who is a real expert in the field of governance and who takes the lead in building the board's capacity to do high-impact governing work.
  • A clear, detailed board governing mission and meticulously designed processes for involving your board creatively and proactively in key governing functions.
  • A well-designed structure of board standing committees that serve as "governing engines" in accomplishing the board's governing work.
  • A board self-management program aimed at building board members' governing knowledge and skills and strengthening board accountability for its own performance.
  • Strong CEO and executive team support for the board in carrying out its governing functions.