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Over the past 35-plus years Doug Eadie has served as a one-on-one governance coach to K-12 superintendents and the chief executive officers of public transit authorities and economic development corporations. Doug’s coaching assignments have also included advising executive team members relative to their role in the governance process – especially their preparation for board standing committee meetings and the full board business meeting.

What Doug’s coaching assignments cover

Doug coaches K-12 superintendents and the chief executives of public transit authorities and economic development corporations on how they can become more “board-savvy” and can go about developing a rock-solid working relationship with their governing board, covering such topics as:

  • Strategies for securing the board’s commitment to systematic development of its governing capacity
  • The chief executive’s role in spearheading board capacity building
  • CEO communication and interaction with the board
  • The process for board evaluation of CEO performance

Doug coaches superintendents and other CEOs and executive teams on implementing major board governing improvements that have typically been generated by a daylong board-executive retreat or a governance task force involving board members and the CEO. This implementation coaching involves such matters as:

  • Strengthening the committee chair’s role
  • Improving committee reporting to the full board
  • Upgrading the process for developing committee agendas
  • Making board-staff communication more effective


Doug’s flexible and tailored approach to coaching

Doug Eadie will work closely with you to fashion a coaching/advising engagement that fits your needs and your specific circumstances, including your budget. An engagement might:

  • Involve one-on-one interaction with the CEO exclusively or a mix of CEO-only and CEO plus Executive Team interaction
  • Require only a day of Doug’s time or several weeks over a year or longer. The client determines the boundaries and rhythm that fits
  • Involve a retainer arrangement (for example, two days a month over the course of a year)
  • Involve only in-person sessions or teleconferences or a mix of both

Whichever approach you choose, you can be confident that Doug’s work as your coach and adviser will be meticulously tailored to your unique organization and your particular situation.

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