Take advantage of a master governance keynoter and workshop presenter.

Doug Eadie & CompanyWhat you can expect from Doug’s keynotes and workshops – Whether you are in the audience for one of Doug’s keynotes or are participating in one of his educational workshops, you will:

  • Acquire up-to-date, practical, nuts and bolts information on the rapidly evolving field of public/nonprofit governance, drawing on Doug’s 35-plus years as a governance consultant, coach, writer, and teacher.
  • Learn practical ways you can put what you learn into practice in your organization.
  • Enjoy a dynamic and entertaining presentation with creative visual aids.
  • Participate in real-life, interactive exercises.

Keynotes and workshops tailored to your unique needs and circumstances

Doug Eadie never presents boilerplate, “canned” keynotes and workshops. Each of his presentations is adapted to your organization’s actual situation and highest priority needs in the area of governance. Within two overarching themes – building your board’s governing capacity and developing a really solid board-chief executive partnership – Doug will work with you to determine which specific topics will be covered in the keynote or workshop he presents. Examples of topics include: the characteristics of really high-impact boards that make a significant difference; the nuts and bolts work of governing; board structure; board engagement processes; the characteristics of “board-savvy” chief executives; techniques for building and maintaining a close, positive, productive, and enduring board-chief executive partnership; “hats” that board-savvy chief executives wear: Chief Board Developer; Chief Board Engagement Process Designer; etc.

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