Take Advantage of a Master Keynoter and Teacher

Doug Eadie & CompanyWhat You Get From Doug’s Keynotes and Workshops

Whether you’re in the audience for a Doug Eadie keynote or are participating in one of Doug’s educational workshops, you will:

  • Acquire up-to-date, practical information that draws on Doug’s 25 years of experience with over 500 clients.
  • Learn practical ways you can put what you learn to practical use.
  • See a dynamic and entertaining presentation with creative visual aids.
  • Participate in real-life, interactive exercises.
  • Enjoy lots of give-and-take.

4 Powerful and Exciting Programs

Meeting the Governing Challenge

Doug tells you how to build a truly high-impact board and a really solid board-CEO partnership, focusing on:

  • The characteristics of high-impact governing boards.
  • The content of high-impact governing work.
  • Board committee structure.
  • Board self-management.
  • Maintenance of a rock-solid board-CEO partnership.

The Board-Savvy CEO

Doug tells you how to strengthen your governing IQ, focusing on:

  • The major benefits of being a truly board-savvy CEO and the serious costs of not being board-savvy.
  • The key characteristics of board-savvy CEOs.
  • The CEO as the Board’s Chief Governing Partner.
  • The CEO as the Chief Board Developer.
  • The CEO as the Chief Governing Process Designer.
  • The CEO as the Chief Board Relationship Manager.

Leading Out-Of-The-Box Change

Doug tells you how to create a thriving, growing organization by taking command of out-of-the-box change, focusing on:

  • The Chief Executive Officer’s role as Innovator-in-Chief.
  • A powerful new change planning tool:the Change Investment Portfolio Process.
  • The Board as a critical change champion.

Leadership Lessons From The Blind Visionary

Doug tells you how to apply 4 powerful lessons from blind CEO Virginia Jacko’s amazing journey:

  • Reach out aggressively to key stakeholders.
  • Act on opportunities to grow.
  • Don’t let fear keep you from overcoming obstacles.
  • Keep things in perspective, never being captive to ego or losing your sense of humor.

Doug’s High Impact Governing Model is a powerful and very practical approach to building board-CEO partnerships…

Sue Buchholtz
President & CEO
Evergreen Life Services

I received more personal thank you notes and emails than any other year when Doug Eadie shared how to be a “board savvy CEO.”

Cheryl Ronk, CAE
Michigan Society of Association Executives

Doug helped us transform a really good Spokane Transit Authority Board into an even stronger governing body.

Susan Meyer, CEO
Spokane Transit Authority

Doug’s approach…created a high degree of board ownership of the recommended new committee structure.

James McGuirk, PhD - Executive Director & CEO
Astor Services for Children and Families

Doug has helped…to clarify our organization’s strategic directions and its strategic change targets.

Steve Bland - Former CEO
Port Authority of Allegheny County Capitol District Transportation Authority

Doug helped me and my Board Officers design and facilitate a really powerful daylong retreat. 

Lana Vukovljak - Former CEO
American Association of Diabetes Educators

With Doug’s assistance, our School Board’s Governance Task Force came up with a number of concrete improvements… 

Paul Dugan - Former Superintendent
Washoe County Public Schools

Doug’s presentation…provided participants with a fresh view of the Board/CEO partnership… 

Jeff Finkle - President & CEO
International Economic Development Council

The “Meeting the Governing Challenge” workshop that Doug presented for AENC member CEOs was a real success, engaging participants and providing them with lots of practical guidance. 

Jim Thompson - Executive Director
Association Executives of North Carolina

Doug’s work with the NLEP Governance Task Force has yielded a powerful return in terms of high-impact governing.

Kurt Foreman - Former President
North Louisiana Economic Partnership

Doug’s work… has taken our Board’s leadership to the next higher-impact level. 

Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcD, FM - President & CEO
The Charlotte Regional Partnership

Doug’s presentation on leading change…excited and inspired the audience.

Linda Kloss - Former President and CEO
American Health Information Management Association

Doug was a superb retreat facilitator — energizing and engaging participants while leaving them thoroughly satisfied.

David Gehm - President & CEO
Lutheran Homes of Michigan

With Doug’s help, we’ve laid the foundation for a rock-solid Board-CEO partnership at the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc. 

Virginia A. Jacko - President & CEO
Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc.

The workshop Doug provided…was a real winner: substantive, insightful, and entertaining.

Joan Tezak - Executive Director
Colorado Society of Association Executives

Doug facilitated a really energizing retreat that kicked off our governance improvement effort.

Bill Scott - Former Executive Director
Kentucky School Boards Association

Doug and Dave have written a powerful, pathbreaking book……

practical, thoroughly tested guidance

the first comprehensive, detailed description of the governing function in public transit written expressly for transit board members, chief executive officers, and senior executives…..

……you’ll want to keep Building a Solid Board-CEO Partnership close at hand, as a powerful resource you can draw on…..