Consulting Services Tailored to the Unique Needs and Circumstances of Nonprofit / Public Leaders

Doug Eadie & Company

Doug Eadie specializes in helping you:

  • Transform your board into a truly high-impact governing body.
  • Build a rock-solid board-CEO partnership.
  • Fine-tune your board’s role, structure, and processes.
  • Take command of change.

Doug Eadie Will Help You Custom-Design Just the Right Consulting Package for You

There are many ways to use Doug Eadie as a powerful resource, involving different outcomes and impacts and different levels of investment. Doug will work with you to come up with just the right, custom-tailored consulting package that meets your unique needs and fits your budget. For example, you can retain Doug to:

  • Provide hands-on advice and coaching on an hourly or daily basis aimed at fine-tuning your board’s governing role, structure and processes and/or strengthening the board-CEO Strategic Governing Team.
  • Design, facilitate, and follow-up on strategic work sessions (or retreats) involving your board and executive team for a day or longer in updating your strategic framework (values, vision, strategic targets and change initiatives) and/or strengthening your board’s governing role, structure and processes.
  • Design and facilitate a task force process aimed at coming up with improvements in organizational governance.

Take Advantage of Doug Eadie’s 25 Years of Amazingly Diverse Hands-On Experience and Real-World Know-How

What makes Doug Eadie a uniquely powerful resource is his 25 years of hands-on work with over 500 nonprofit and public organizations of every shape and size engaged in diverse areas, including: aging; association management; economic and community development; education; health care; social services; and transportation, among others. Through his 19 books and over 100 published articles, Doug has played a leading role in shaping the field of nonprofit/public leadership and management.

Let’s talk about how Doug’s specific experience can benefit your organization.
Email or call him directly at 800.209.7652.

Doug’s High Impact Governing Model is a powerful and very practical approach to building board-CEO partnerships…

Sue Buchholtz
President & CEO
Evergreen Life Services

I received more personal thank you notes and emails than any other year when Doug Eadie shared how to be a “board savvy CEO.”

Cheryl Ronk, CAE
Michigan Society of Association Executives

Doug helped us transform a really good Spokane Transit Authority Board into an even stronger governing body.

Susan Meyer, CEO
Spokane Transit Authority

Doug’s approach…created a high degree of board ownership of the recommended new committee structure.

James McGuirk, PhD - Executive Director & CEO
Astor Services for Children and Families

Doug has helped…to clarify our organization’s strategic directions and its strategic change targets.

Steve Bland - Former CEO
Port Authority of Allegheny County Capitol District Transportation Authority

Doug helped me and my Board Officers design and facilitate a really powerful daylong retreat. 

Lana Vukovljak - Former CEO
American Association of Diabetes Educators

With Doug’s assistance, our School Board’s Governance Task Force came up with a number of concrete improvements… 

Paul Dugan - Former Superintendent
Washoe County Public Schools

Doug’s presentation…provided participants with a fresh view of the Board/CEO partnership… 

Jeff Finkle - President & CEO
International Economic Development Council

The “Meeting the Governing Challenge” workshop that Doug presented for AENC member CEOs was a real success, engaging participants and providing them with lots of practical guidance. 

Jim Thompson - Executive Director
Association Executives of North Carolina

Doug’s work with the NLEP Governance Task Force has yielded a powerful return in terms of high-impact governing.

Kurt Foreman - Former President
North Louisiana Economic Partnership

Doug’s work… has taken our Board’s leadership to the next higher-impact level. 

Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcD, FM - President & CEO
The Charlotte Regional Partnership

Doug’s presentation on leading change…excited and inspired the audience.

Linda Kloss - Former President and CEO
American Health Information Management Association

Doug was a superb retreat facilitator — energizing and engaging participants while leaving them thoroughly satisfied.

David Gehm - President & CEO
Lutheran Homes of Michigan

With Doug’s help, we’ve laid the foundation for a rock-solid Board-CEO partnership at the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc. 

Virginia A. Jacko - President & CEO
Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc.

The workshop Doug provided…was a real winner: substantive, insightful, and entertaining.

Joan Tezak - Executive Director
Colorado Society of Association Executives

Doug facilitated a really energizing retreat that kicked off our governance improvement effort.

Bill Scott - Former Executive Director
Kentucky School Boards Association