Superintendent Luvelle Brown: Leading From the Heart as Well as the Head

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Board Savvy Superintendent Blog Archive, Board-Superintendent Involvement in Innovation/Change Management

Our colleague Dr. Luvelle Brown is an extraordinary educational leader who values the learning culture in the Ithaca City Public Schools at least as highly as up-to-date educational facilities, technology and methodology. His commitment to what he calls the “culture of love” is far more than merely abstract or rhetorical. To paraphrase the organizational development guru Warren Bennis, Luvelle is a chief executive officer whose passion is putting cultural theory into actual practice, rather than being content with just espousing it.

The January 25 post at this blog, “Policies Transform Culture in the Ithaca City Schools” – featuring the podcast Luvelle recorded with his Board Vice President Sean Bradwell – makes his commitment to creating a culture of love in the Ithaca City Schools crystal clear: As Luvelle and Sean explain in their podcast, the comprehensive process of updating district policies that has been underway for seven years “is intended to ensure that every single policy promotes – and does not impede – an environment for students characterized by inclusiveness cultural responsiveness, and loving respect.”

In the podcast he recorded for this blog last week, Luvelle talks about his new book, Culture of Love: Cultivating a Positive and Transformational Organizational Culture, which – with numerous real-life examples – fleshes out what he means by “culture of love” and provides practical, tested guidance for creating such a culture in your district, or for that matter, any organization – public, nonprofit or for-profit. Luvelle doesn’t suggest that such a cultural transformation is simple to achieve. It requires deep and honest self-reflection, “courageous” conversation, and “constructive” conflict.

When you’ve listened to Luvelle’s podcast I am confident you’ll agree with me that Culture of Love is a must read and an essential addition to your collection of organizational development resources. You can obtain your copy at

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