Year: 2011

On Visioning

Visioning – painting a picture of the life you aspire to lead over the long run – is one of the most powerful tools for growing and enriching your life professionally and personally. However, experience has taught me that you shouldn’t think of visioning as a straightforward planning exercise.  I’ve never come across a person who

The CEO As “Innovator-In-Chief”

The surest sign of likely success in the out-of-the-box change game, in my experience, is a chief executive officer (CEO) who is passionately committed to playing – and well prepared to play – what I call the Innovator-in-Chief role.  CEOs who excel at the Innovator-in-Chief role first and foremost make accomplishing out-of-the-box change a top-tier

The Fearsome Prospect Of Changing

Long experience as an executive and consultant have taught me that many if not most people not only don’t welcome change in their lives and organizations, they can be really ingenuous at keeping it from happening.  Why the emotional resistance to changing?  It seems to me that fear is the culprit, more often than not. 

Leading By Story Telling

“The stories our leaders tell us matter, probably almost as much as the stories our parents tell us as children, because they orient us to what is, what could be, and what should be; to the worldviews they hold and to the values they hold sacred.”  This is Drew Westen a psychology professor at Emory

NLEP’s Kurt Foreman Talks With Doug Eadie About CEO Leadership

Kurt Foreman has been President & CEO of the North Louisiana Economic Partnership (NLEP), which is headquartered in Shreveport, since 2004.  NLEP is a nonprofit economic development marketing organization that promotes fourteen parishes in the North Louisiana region, working with existing and prospective employers to encourage incremental capital investment and job creation.  Doug Eadie recently