Year: 2014

Two Board-Savvy Nonprofit CEOs Discuss The Board-CEO Partnership

I was delighted when Jeff Finkle, President & CEO of the International Economic Development Council, and Stuart Rogel, President & CEO of the Tampa Bay Partnership, accepted my invitation to record this podcast on the board-CEO partnership. These seasoned nonprofit leaders share practices that have helped them build close, positive, and productive working relationships with

Yes To Unifying Leadership – But A Caveat

In his column on the Op-Ed page of the November 25 New York Times, David Brooks describes the “unifying leader,” who is “skilled at the art of collaboration.”  According to Brooks, the unifying leader “sees himself as a stage setter, as a person who makes it possible for the creativity in his organization to play

But The Trees Matter, Too

Experience has taught me – and most likely you – that CEOs who aspire to accomplish significant change initiatives, such as a merger of two associations, a brand new service in your community like light rail, or a re-drawing of boundaries in your public school district, have a major, highly visible role to play.  What

Get Yourself Well-Evaluated By Your Board

My last post – “Welcome To Your New Profession: CEO!” – talks about the unique features of CEO-ship that make it different in kind from other executive positions.  One unique feature that is worth taking a closer look at is the CEO’s responsibility to make sure that she works with her board to put in

Welcome To Your New Profession: CEO!

“I feel like I’ve changed professions,” the new president & CEO of an aging services organization said in our recent meeting.  “You definitely have,” I responded.  I elaborated by pointing out that she shouldn’t think of herself any longer as essentially a senior executive and expert in aging services; her new job was different in

The Incredible Power Of Ownership

This instructive true story goes back almost 25 years. I’d worked really hard crafting what seemed like a pretty compelling report, recommending that the board and CEO of my client, a regional economic development corporation, take a number of important steps to clarify the board’s governing role, fine-tune its committee structure, and upgrade the process

The Bully Pulpit

I recently finished Doris Kearns Goodwin’s fascinating, beautifully written history of the Progressive era and the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, The Bully Pulpit (Simon & Schuster, 2013).  Among other things, it’s a superb study of leadership that I wholeheartedly recommend to my colleagues in nonprofit and public management. I found especially  interesting Goodwin’s

A Preeminent Community Foundation Fostering Nonprofit Excellence In Cleveland

I was delighted when Bob Eckardt, Executive Vice President of the Cleveland Foundation, accepted my invitation to record the podcast that’s featured in the July 10 edition of my national e-letter, Nonprofit & Public Leader. Bob is eminently qualified to discuss nonprofit board leadership and the board-CEO partnership. Not only is he an experienced nonprofit

Board Development By Design

A Board-Savvy CEO Role      ​My June 9 blog post described facilitating a “high-impact governing” work session for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, headquartered in San Jose, CA, at which VTA General Manager/CEO Nuria Fernandez, her Board of Directors, and the VTA Executive Team discussed significant advances in the rapidly changing field of