Year: 2021

Jeff Finkle:  Master of the Nonprofit Governing Game

Since Jeff Finkle’s recent announcement of his impending retirement as the long-serving President/CEO of the International Economic Development Council, I’ve been reflecting on our work together on the governance improvement front over the past 26 years.  In my professional opinion, one of Jeff’s signal contributions to IEDC as its chief executive officer – a key

Your Board Chair:  a Primo Stakeholder You Neglect at Your Peril

The special board work session had been scheduled to consider a key recommendation coming out of the daylong board-CEO-executive team governance retreat three weeks earlier: replacing the board’s dysfunctional silo committees (e.g.,  business retention) with committees aligned with the board’s broad governing functions (e.g., strategic and operational planning).  Not long into the session, the CEO

Tri-ED:  Creatively and Courageously Meeting the Pandemic Challenge

As Board Vice Chair and Immediate Past Chair Bob Heil and President & CEO Lee Crume of the Northern Kentucky Tri-County Economic Development Corporation (Tri-ED) explain in the video interview we recently recorded, the future looked bright as 2020 dawned.  This thirty-four year-old nonprofit had laid the foundation for significant growth by taking a number

Enriching ACCE Board Composition on CEO Sheree Anne Kelly’s Watch

As our readers know, governing is essentially a people business.  Far from being an abstract concept, governing boards are essentially the people serving on them, and governing is a low-tech, people-intensive “production” process requiring only minimal capital investment to make it work well.  The people on your board are its most precious governing asset, and,