Author: Doug Eadie

Disney’s Innovator-in-Chief Robert Iger: CEO Visionary Par Excellence

“What can I do to get my board meaningfully engaged in leading innovation and change in my organization?”  I hear variations of this very important question quite often from CEOs in my one-on-one governance coaching sessions and educational workshops.   There’s no simple answer, but the indispensable first step is to make sure you understand what’s

Overcoming the Inevitable Resistance to Change: the IEDC Story

“But we’ve always put our annual budget together in the board’s finance committee, and it’s worked well.  Why in heaven’s name would we want to fold budgeting into the strategic and operational planning committee you’ve recommended?”  This was only one of fifteen or twenty questions that participants raised about the recommended new board committee structure

The Creativity-Innovation Nexus: Part One of Our Creativity Series

The innovation process – and the role of the chief executive as your organization’s “Chief Innovation Officer” – has been a major focus of this blog, and several posts have featured real-life cases of successful implementation of significant innovation initiatives. Our focus on innovation makes the best of sense in light of the challenges facing